Artist Statement

— Mele Guenun

My work shows a sensitivity for contemporary art and reveals a need for transparency as a leading factor, which influences my approach to art and how I try to draw the viewer in, inviting them to experience and challenge their own emotional assumptions.

I work with dichroic glass embedded in lacquered wood, from which my designs take on light, a light that changes its hue depending on the reflections it receives. Under these lighting conditions, the glass emits the soft and changing flashes of the rainbow in pastel colours.

My works spread echoes of freedom, thanks to the glaring brightness that flows through the crystals, transmitting positive energy and my desire to share with the world that there is always a way out.

The biggest challenge I have encountered so far has been precisely how to show the breadth of the visual impact of my work, as it metamorphoses and multiplies under natural light.

Currently, my new projects combine the visual with the aural, as each work is associated with a specific ASMR code, which reinforces the sensory strength of the whole while revealing the evoking power of combined arts. My work explores the layering of experience, arranging diverse representations into a harmonious ensemble.

I believe that every piece tells a changing story which evolves around the viewer’s own perception. That is what makes art such an inexhaustible source of inspiration. The ever-shifting reflections of light through glass encourage the observer to move with the flow and let their minds run free.